Why Thousands Travel to Bali for This Yoga and Dance Festival


A full week of yoga, world music concerts, workshops, dancing, healthy food, and positive vibes . . . all set against the spiritually and culturally rich beauty of Ubud, Bali.


Sound like a dream come true? It is! Welcome to the BaliSpirit Festival!


This March marks the 10th annual BaliSpirit Festival, which goes from March 19-March 26, 2017. Every year, more than 7,000 people from around the world gather for this unique event. Five days and seven nights of 200+ workshops with offerings ranging from yoga and healing to dance and music.


Bali is a spiritually-charged, culturally rich paradise.


You’ll be joining thousands of likeminded people uniting for a powerful week of community, self-love, and sacred celebration.


The festival details

Let’s start with the yoga! There is a broad range of yoga offerings and definitely something for everyone. Enjoy Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Laughter Yoga, and yoga for kiddos, just to name a few. The teacher line-up is a mix of 90 leading international names, including Ana Forrest, Tymi Howard, Katchie Ananda, Duncan Wong, Eoin Finn, Jeffrey Armstrong and Mark Whitwell.


Then there’s the music and dancing! In addition to dance classes, workshops and performances, the music abounds. Kirtan, Bhakti night concerts with ecstatic dance, and weekend concerts featuring 50 amazing artists from around the globe like Xavier Rudd and The United Nations, Chugge Khan and Rajastan Josh, Desi Sub Culture and more.


You’ll have ample opportunity for self-love with relaxation spaces, massages, sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and private sessions with healers. There’s even a conscious marketplace where you can find delicious fresh, organic, vegan food.


If you have kids, they’re welcome too! In addition to the children’s yoga, there’s also a designated kid’s zone with daycare and special programs.



The location + logistics

If you’ve ever been to Ubud, you already know there’s nothing quite like this hidden gem speckled with temples, rice fields, and beautifully lush forests. Bali is a spiritually-charged, culturally rich paradise and the peaceful town of Ubud attracts spiritual seekers, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts. If you haven’t yet discovered Ubud, you’re in for an amazing treat, and certainly won’t regret it.


BaliSpirit Festival offers ticket + accommodation packages. Whether you prefer tropical bungalows or luxury resorts, there are options for every budget, starting from $915. Check out the packages here. Also, airfare costs are more reasonable than you may expect. You can find roundtrip tickets from LA for around $600.



Are you ready?!

If you’re already packing your bags, or at least considering this adventure, it gets better . . . There’s a special last-minute discount exclusively for YogiApproved readers!


Book your BaliSpirit Festival passes with promo code YOGI-UNLIMITED for 20% off the Full Pass and Abundance Pass with unlimited access to festival workshops. Use the promo code YOGI-SPIRIT for 10% off the single-day unlimited access passes and music-only passes. Hurry – offer expires February 13!




BaliSpirit Festival amplifies the energy and spirituality felt in Bali through high vibe music, yoga and community. Joining like minded people from around the world to take part in sacred celebration is a unique opportunity you don’t want to miss!


Whether you’re a brand new yogi or more advanced in your practice, a spiritual seeker, a music enthusiast, or simply a wanderlust, there’s something for everyone in this one-of-a-kind festival. Explore the full line-up and book your tickets!




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This Woman Chose To Have An Abortion So She Wouldn’t Have To Carry Her Deceased Daughter

“I’m just happy that our story didn’t die with our daughter, and that some good can hopefully come out of this.”

Meet Lindsey Paradiso, a photographer who lives with her husband Matt in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Meet Lindsey Paradiso, a photographer who lives with her husband Matt in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Lindsey Paradiso / Via facebook.com

On Oct. 19, 2016, Paradiso posted about her experience having a “late-term abortion” at 23 weeks. Since then, the post has gone viral with over 100,000 shares.

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“I was watching the [third presidential debate] and when I heard Trump say that late-term abortions were ripping babies out at nine months, I went into a full panic attack and started sobbing because I couldn’t believe people actually thought that happens, so I had to share my story and set things straight,” Paradiso told BuzzFeed Health.

The story went viral after she shared it that night, and it began trending again recently after Virginia proposed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.

Facebook: lindsey.shaffer

In February 2016, Paradiso was 18-weeks pregnant with her daughter Omara when doctors discovered a mass on the baby’s neck during a routine ultrasound.

In February 2016, Paradiso was 18-weeks pregnant with her daughter Omara when doctors discovered a mass on the baby's neck during a routine ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed a bubble on Omara’s neck, which she said doctors believed was a rare tumor called a “teratoma,” but wouldn’t know more until they did an MRI.

“The doctor told us it was in our best interest to terminate the pregnancy because her dying was pretty inevitable… but we didn’t want our baby to die… we wanted to give Omara a fighting chance,” Paradiso wrote in her blog.


“We had to have her delivered early by an EXIT procedure, which is basically like a larger and riskier C-section, because her tumor was so massive that at 27 weeks she would be too big to deliver vaginally,” Paradiso said.

Along with the EXIT procedure necessary to save Omara’s life, Paradiso said she faced the risk of infertility with the procedure but was willing to go through with it if it meant Omara could survive.

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First Look: The New Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2

Nike dropped its brand new Nike LunarEpic FlyKnit 2 ($160; nike.com) this week. What are they really like? Pillow shoes.

I wish I could take credit for that amazing descriptor, but that’s how Olympic Gold Medalist and track star English Garner described them to me, along with a select group of editors, before we hit the tread at Mile High Run Club in New York City to put this new kick through its paces. (I mean that literally, because, well, we did a speed workout.) Garner noted that they were a direct contrast to her typical footwear, track spikes: “Have any of you all ever run an entire workout in spikes?” she asked. “It’s like running a workout in high heels; it hurts.”

While I have never run in track spikes, I have danced the night away in incredibly uncomfortable heels, and I can tell you, this shoe is the opposite of that painful, foot-numbing feeling. In fact, when I first slipped them on, I thought to myself: “This must be what running on clouds feels like.” Seriously, they were that comfortable. That cushy feeling did not fade as I opened up my stride in this lightweight, neutral trainer either.  And  even in the midst of all that softness, my feet still felt supported.

A few other features that caught my eye:

The cool colorway

I’m a sucker for a brightly-colored kick, so visually they are right up my alley. And that poppy two-tone upper is a nice way to combat the winter blues.

The bootie construction

Basically, the tongue is completely attached here, making the upper one single, seamless piece. This silhouette mimics ankle socks. (And I love ankle socks.)

The FlyKnit upper

This tightly woven material offers a balanced combo of stretch and support, which is more than I can say for some of the other knitted shoes I’ve tested in the past. Typically the knit ends up pulling across the top of my foot, making them ache like crazy. These, however, hug without crushing.

[brightcove:4874670933001 default]

The flexible feel

These babies can get pretty bendy thanks to those little slits on the sides of the midsole, which help offer a seamless heel to toe transition. Translation: No stiff shoes here.

The super funky sole

This pair has little laser cuts that are supposed to help with traction. Since I sported them on a treadmill, traction wasn’t a huge concern for me; I’d need to take ’em outdoors to really test that feature. But, if they are anything like the original LunarEpic, you know the ones with that extended piece of fabric over the ankle that I tested last spring, I can tell you the traction will be on point. Also notewrothy: There are these pressure-mapped pods on the sole that offer targeted cushioning for a smooth ride. I think they also give you an extra spring in your step, because I felt unusually buoyant during my run.

Plus: The new Nike Zonal Strength tight

One more thing, I also got to test out the Nike Zonal Strength tight ($150; nike.com), which launched last month. These bad boys have these built-in bands along the thighs and calves. And while those bands form a really cool design, they are there for more than just decoration. According to a Nike spokesperson at the wear-testing event, one thing we often forget about when running is the vibration of our muscles, and how the more they vibrate, the quicker you wear them out.  The banding in these tights are meant to compress the muscle to reduce vibration and fatigue. The idea: you can #runforever. OK, not really, but you can probably run a little longer before your stems hold up the stop sign.

To be honest, I’d like to sport these tights on a longer run before giving my final opinion. However, I will say that I did feel the extra pressure around my thighs, and I did have a really good run at this event, despite the fact that I did a pretty tough 5-mile tempo run the day before. Maybe it was a combo of the shoes and the tights-or that energy gel I down right before I hit the treadmill. (Hey, it was an early morning event, I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and I needed a little bit of fuel. No judgment.)

Happy running!


Wiseman Los Angeles

Wiseman Los Angeles



In spite of the best efforts of community members and David Ryu’s office, a team working for Wiseman Residential has illegally demolished the apartment building at 1332-1334 N. Formosa. The tenants had been evicted under the Ellis Act in 2016. Neighbors became concerned when a chain link fence was put up around the building earlier this week, because the owners are currently being investigated for illegal evictions at this address. The Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) was not supposed to approve demolition until the investigation had been completed.