Yoga + Activewear Brands We’re Currently Obsessing Over


As a yoga publication, a big (and super fun!) part of our job is exploring all the yoga and activewear brands out there. And there’s a lot to choose from! Yoga and activewear brands can be a dime a dozen, which is why we have high standards for what we approve. We look for brands that are high quality, trendy + fashionable, and offer something unique.

Looking for your next favorite yoga and activewear brands can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve created a list of the current brands we’re obsessing over to help you narrow down the search. Whether you’re looking for timeless fashion, comfort and style, performance, or unique design, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the yoga and activewear brands we’re currently obsessing over:

While there are lots of brands we love, and some we may have missed, here are the ones we’re loving right now.

1. Montiel


Montiel hails from sunny Los Angeles and their clothing definitely brings the heat when it comes to style. They partner with local manufacturers and strive for quality over quantity. The have amazing designs, flattering cuts, and luxe fabric. You might find yourself wearing their products off the yoga mat (like in bed, to brunch, and maybe even to work).

2. Inner State

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Inner State aims to marry college campus style with yoga. Some days, you may want to rock your inner state on a tee, rather than your alma mater. This fun yoga clothing company has shirts with phrases like Gratitude State and Fearless State. So go ahead and get a shirt to show off your Ph.D. in positivity.

3. Naja


Naja strives to empower women by hiring single moms and female heads of households (and they pay above market wage and offer health benefits). This brand’s vision for a better world flows into their beautiful and soft clothing. Their activewear is eco-conscious and super fierce.

4. Cory Vines


Cory Vines products are made with sustainability in mind. Their activewear essentials are 100% biodegradable and they have the basics down, dog. Find comfy clothes, like light pullovers and sports bras, in grays and blacks. And they have essentials for yoga dudes, too.

5. Outdoor Voices


Outdoor Voices has lots of options from tanks to sweats for women and men. The best part: you can build yoga and activewear clothing kits based on your preferred activities and styles. They have super soft leggings that range in color from neutrals to baby blues reminiscent of ballet class for the yoga babes.

6. Adidas


Adidas is one of the only mainstream brands that incorporates social and environmental responsibility into their mission. They make awesome yoga clothes and activewear with performance, functionality, and endurance in mind. We love the fit, style, colors, and vibes they are putting out.

7. Om Collection


Om Collection brings creativity to the yoga apparel industry. From festival wear to a night out on the town, their sexy, bohemian clothes perfectly merge fashion and function. It is clear that Om Collection wants you to shine from the inside out.

8. Wolven Threads


Wolven Threads yoga and SUP wear are made from recycled bottles and inspired by nature. You can rock sacred geometry patterns when you surf, swim, and do yoga in their gear truly merging art, intention, and practice. We love that their radiant designs match our wild and free (in)sides.

9. Daughters of Culture


From soft jumpsuits, wild kimonos, and gorgeous bra tops, you can live and yoga in Daughters of Culture. Their latest release of Egyptian-inspired designs makes us want to travel the world and strike a yoga pose on a cobblestone street or secluded beach somewhere. And yes, you can yoga in a jumpsuit or kimono!

10. Spiritual Gangster


Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can rock your inner warrior on your heart (or your bum) in leggings and crop tops by Spiritual Gangster. We love their minimalist basics, each carrying a bold statement. With this brand, you might find your inner Don Corleone (of bliss).

11. Ivy Park


Ivy Park merges fashion, design, and innovations for babes on the move. Did we mention that Ivy Park was co-founded by Beyonce? So yes, you can look and feel at the top of your game with this fiery and fierce activewear brand.

12. Alo


Alo yoga apparel is sexy, slimming, and it moves with you. They have clothing for men and women and a wide variety of colors, styles, and fits. From strappy sports bras to ribbed leggings, their creative design will inspire your workout and yoga routine. From the studio to your next retreat, Alo brings the leisure to athleisure.

13. Vuori


Vuori has performance activewear for men and women for a range of activities. From boardshorts to sweatpants, from yoga leggings to graphic t-shirts, Vuori has lots of options for everyone. They also know how to mix the perfect apparel cocktail of comfort, quality, and performance.

14. Hard Tail


Hard Tail is an activewear brand that invokes and evokes the female power. They know that girls can do anything and it comes through in the design and structure of their clothing designs. This family-owned and operated business brings badass to activewear that is always made in the USA.

15. Ripple Yoga Wear


If synthetic fabrics rub you the wrong way, you will love this brand. Ripple Yoga Wear is made with natural fabrics that are soft on the skin. You can sweat it out in performance gear or down dog in loungewear. They have a men’s collection, too.

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