18 Secrets Massage Therapists Will Never Tell You

No, we won’t give you a handjob or a golden shower.

Many thanks to the licensed massage therapists who told us allll about their profession: Noelle Nieva of The Brooklyn Body Shop in Brooklyn, New York; Elise Watson of Balanced Harmony Massage in Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Geraldine Villanneuve, author of Put Your Best Feet Forward.

No, massages aren’t just a luxury for the rich and famous.

No, massages aren't just a luxury for the rich and famous.

Sure, a luxury spa might empty out your pockets, but it’s also not impossible to find a decent licensed massage therapist for a reasonable rate. And once you do, you’ll realize how necessary they actually are for your wellbeing. Sometimes, you just need a good massage to rid your body of the pain. Treat yo’self.

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