Yoloha Cork Meditation Cushion Product Review


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Meditation cushions help us achieve proper spinal alignment so we can stay centered and focused during our meditation practice. Comfortably elevating the hips helps keep the spine elongated effortlessly. After all, the foundational ingredient of a solid meditation practice is the physical posture. It is when we can become physically grounded and still that our minds can follow suit.


From yoga mats to water bottles, Yoloha makes cork-based products for your yoga practice on and off the mat. Yoloha just released a new cork item – a meditation cushion made entirely out of cork!





The Details about this cushion:

When you first hear about a meditation cushion made out of cork, you might wonder how! The cushion is made from a soft, malleable cork fabric. Yep – you heard correctly – cork fabric. We were amazed at how smooth, flexible, and durable this fabric is.


The cushion is filled with recycled cork filler. So, the next question you might be wondering is – how the heck does that feel on your tush?! Well, straight from the source – it’s incredibly comfortable!!


These little cork granules mold perfectly to your body’s natural contours, which means that this cushion is equally comfortable regardless of your shape or size. Thus, this cushion is truly a ‘one size fits all’ – making it great for the whole family.



Why is cork so great?

Cork, as we’ve learned from Yoloha, is a miracle material. It’s a sustainable and renewable resource, made entirely from harvested Cork Oak trees. Beyond how wonderful it is that cork is sustainable, cork is also antimicrobial – it naturally kills mold, bacteria, and odor. That’s a big plus in our book!


Cork is also a beautiful and unique material, so this meditation cushion certainly stands out from the crowd. The soft tan color and design make this cushion highly versatile in the different decor and settings you can use it. From yoga studios to your personal sacred space, this cork meditation looks great in any setting.



Other details

Handmade in the USA

Ultra lightweight at 2 pounds

13” wide by 5.5” tall



The verdict

We love this meditation cushion because we know you will too. Lightweight and easily transportable is a big selling point. It is incredibly comfortable and durable, and offers such a unique and diverse look from more traditional meditation cushions.


Cork is sustainable, renewable, and thus a very eco-friendly option. Simply put, Yoloha’s cork meditation cushion has got it going on!! That’s why it’s 100% YogiApproved™.





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