21 Things People Get Wrong About Me Because Of The Way I Look

Never judge a book by its cover.


“That because I’m skinny I don’t work out!”



“Staying active and fit is actually something I take seriously. I walk, bike, spin, row, etc. I’ve been skinny my whole life (I think it’s because of a fast metabolism), so when people look at me and assume that I must not work out it can be a little annoying/frustrating. While lifting weights isn’t a priority, staying fit is something that’s important to me. I don’t think that muscles define how active or in shape you are and sometimes it’s frustrating that that’s the norm.”


Kevin Smith


Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed


“I’m an immigrant. No, you asshole, I was born here.”



“I went to a small college in upstate NY and this happened a lot. Classmates, friends of friends or people at the bar would ask me, ‘Where are you from?’ I’d say ‘Brooklyn,’ and unsatisfied with my answer, they’d ask where I grew up. I’d say ‘Brooklyn’ and still unsatisfied, they’d ask, “Where are your parents from?” I’d say they were born in China and finally satisfied that I was tied to an immigrant and checked off a box in their head, they didn’t ask any more questions.


This was extremely frustrating. It’s silly that someone would think they know your entire life story just by looking at you. Sometimes I would mess around with people. I’d say my parents were born here and they would look disappointed. Oh well, not sorry to have you check yourself.”


Annie Yu


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“I’m high-maintenance because I wear a lot of makeup. (Fuck you I’m covering up old acne scars!)”



“I can’t tell you how many people think women who wear a lot of makeup are high maintenance, or even trashy. It’s easy just to assume, but lots of us who wear makeup have other reasons like self-care, self-expression, or in my case, to cover up scars! Also whenever guys say ‘I prefer women who wear less makeup’ I’m just like, ‘first of all, did I ask you? And second of all, I’m not wearing this for you, I’m wearing this for me!'”


Ellie Sunakawa


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“Because of my booty, people assume I want to be objectified.”



“Walking around with a ~curvaceous~ bod can feel like a struggle because men (and it is always men) think my body is something they have a right to comment about. They do not. The worst is when a man decides to be very specific – like the day I took this picture when some guy said ‘I’d eat that booty.’


If that isn’t enough, they become angry if I ignore them, or look angry! The absurdity of it puts me in a rage, I swear. Recently, some guy I politely ignored had the gall to say that *I* should wear something different if I didn’t want to be talked to. No, homie, just no. I’m 10,000% over it. My body is mine.”


Julia Furlan


Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed


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