18 Subscription Boxes We Love


Subscription boxes and services are insanely popular these days.


It is estimated that there are about 600 of these services across the globe, ranging from less than $10 to more than $100 each for a delivery. Subscription boxes cater to a variety of interests, and no matter what yours is, there is probably a box out there that would appeal to you.




People turn to these monthly deliveries for the convenience, ease, opportunity to sample new products, and for a curated experience that matches their particular interests. For subscribers, the added appeal is the surprise of discovering what will be inside each month.




There are a variety of subscription boxes and services for those who follow a holistic and yogic lifestyle. We’ve broken it down into 5 different categories:


Healthy Food


Health and Beauty


Yoga and Meditation


Boxes for Our Furry Friends


Boxes that Give Back


Here is your ultimate subscription box guide to compliment your yogic, healthy, and fun loving lifestyle:














The Plum Deluxe Organic Tea of the Month Club delivers hand-blended loose-leaf artisan tea made with fair-trade ingredients. Hand-blended without artificial chemicals or sweeteners, subscribers can choose between caffeinated or caffeine-free monthly deliveries of tea that are carefully curated to match the season.




Plum Delux


You are a tea connoisseur who enjoys a variety of tea that is high-quality, hand-blended, and tastes amazing!


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Vegan cuts subscription box


The VeganCuts Snack Box is jam-packed with healthy, yummy vegan foods and snacks, pantry items, supplements and more, many of which are also gluten free!




A beauty box is also available.




Vegan Cuts Snack Box

You’ll like it if:

You are a vegan or animal advocate and want to learn about new snack products that are made with the environment and consciousness in mind.


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BroteinBox is a monthly delivery of protein-packed snacks that are healthy and taste great, from protein bars, jerky, chips, pancakes, muffins, pudding and other unique and healthy snacks.




Brotein Box

You’ll like it if:

You are an active guy or gal who is always on the lookout for protein-packed foods that hit the salty, sweet and savory spots and help you meet your nutritional needs. The products in this box pack a serious protein punch!


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ecocentric mom subscription box


Ecocentric Mom delivers pure, wholesome, healthy, useful and fun goodies that correspond to your stage of motherhood (pregnancy, mom & baby, and mom). Ecocentric Mom delivers green, organic and healthy products from ethical brands for your family, from organic beauty and pampering products (for mom), healthy treats, baby essentials, kitchen gadgets and goodies, and more.




Ecocentric Mom

You’ll like it if:

You are an eco-conscious mom who wants the healthiest and best products for yourself and your family.


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wellness tribe subscription box


Wellness Tribe delivers a care package of natural products centered around a monthly theme that promote personal well-being to help you live a happy, healthy and well-thy lifestyle! Each month, you will receive a wellness care package of natural products and healthy lifestyle items that help you achieve a higher level of well-being, including teas, healthy snacks, body and personal care products.




Wellness Tribe

You’ll like it if:

You live a fulfilling healthy and wealthy lifestyle, and you enjoy products that encourage longevity, vitality and a holistic approach to life.


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Handmade Beauty Box sends easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials you need to create several samples of one DIY beauty product each month.




Handmade Beauty Box

You’ll like it if:

You are a DIYer or fan of Pinterest and you enjoy hands-on projects where you create unique and special gifts for yourself or loved ones.


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buddhi box subscription boxes


Buddhibox sends you ethically-sourced, cruelty-free products that enhance your yoga practice and mindful lifestyle and follow the yogi principles of compassion, community and discovery. With Buddhibox, you will receive a variety of products to help you on your spiritual path, including yoga props, jewelry, healthy snacks, supplements, body care products and candles. A portion of the proceeds benefit a different global charity each month.





You’ll like it if:

You are a yogi who loves to find new products to help you live a healthy, happy lifestyle.


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Curated by a yoga practitioner, Ashi Box is a unique box filled with products to help you deepen your holistic yoga practice and show appreciation for life and the rich culture of India. This box delivers thoughtfully curated products centered around a monthly theme, including yoga straps, books, stickers, jewelry, deity statues, organic teas, sweet treats and essential oils, all carefully wrapped in a beautiful tapestry.




Ashi Box

You’ll like it if:

You are a more traditional yogi who enjoys the spiritual side of your practice.


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Enjoy Leggings is a subscription service that sends you a new pair of fashionable, quality printed leggings each month. At $16 a pop, you can actually enjoy your new leggings. Guess that’s where they got the name. The sizing fits anyone from a size 2 to an 18. Pretty awesome!




Use code YOGIAPPROVED for 50% off your first month. Free shipping in the US!




Enjoy Leggings

You’ll like it if:

You’re addicted to leggings and want to keep your collection fresh without having to spend the time, energy and buku bucks to do it.


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Calmbox inspires positivity, peace and calm in everyday life through mindfully chosen items. Each Calmbox gives you a soothing mix of products to help with unwinding and calming thoughts, from music, inspiring books, motivational reminders, candles, crystals, herbs, incenses, healthy and organic treats and other products to de-stress and decompress.




Calm Box

You’ll like it if:

You live a chaotic, busy life and need physical reminders to take some time for yourself to live a calmer, more peaceful life and be in the moment.


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Mat Mist’s subscription delivers seasonal custom yoga mat sprays that correspond with the time of year. Delivered four times a year, this yoga mat spray subscription provides you with seasonally appropriate scents that are exclusively available to subscribers.




Mat Mist

You’ll like it if:

You are an aromatherapy junkie and love to try new yoga mat sprays to enhance your mood and deepen your yoga practice.


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WEvolve Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that enhances your spirituality, mindfulness and meditation practices with products that unlock the magic of the universe. WEvolve Box is a box of metaphysical and sacred objects collected from mystical traditions around the globe, including meditation tools, divine symbols and figures, healing crystals, and adornment pieces for your body and home.




WEvolve Box

You’ll like it if:

You are a yogi on the path to your own spiritual awakening and you are seeking guidance on how to deepen your spiritual practice, mindfulness and conscious awareness.


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Yogi Surprise is a yoga lifestyle box that delivers health and wellness products, natural goodies, and items that nourish and support your well being, vitality and growth.




Yogi Surprise also offers a jewelry box.




Yogi Surprise

You’ll like it if:

You live a yogi lifestyle and enjoy items that complement your practice, including yoga accessories, natural beauty items, herbal tonics, organic snacks and healthy super food essentials.


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Goddess Provisions delivers high-end lifestyle goods with intention that nurture your inner goddess and grow your spiritual practice, from super food treats, tea, snacks, apothecary, body care, aromatherapy and beauty products.




Goddess Provisions

You’ll like it if:

You are into new age spirituality practices such as meditation, and enjoy a fun mix of products to support your high-vibe lifestyle.


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Purr Packs sends toys, treats and treasures from trusted brands that will bring out the kitten in your feisty feline and guarantee hours of fun! 10% of the proceeds support rescue and adoption organizations. You can choose from different subscription tiers with customization available to ensure that you receive the perfect present for your kitty.




Purr Packs

You’ll like it if:

You are a pet parent to a purrrrfect kitty and want to spoil her rotten with tasty treats, tantalizing toys and special surprises to make her little kitty heart purr.


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Barkbox delivers toys, treats and grooming products centered around an adorable monthly theme that are customized based on your dog’s size, from the “Small and Cute” (up to 20 pounds), “Just Right” (20-50 pounds), to the “Big & Bold” (50+ pounds).





You’ll like it if:

You are a pooch parent who likes to spoil your pup with high-quality products that you can trust.


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GlobeIn delivers heart-warming products that are handmade with love by artisans and farmers around the world to help support community initiatives. You can even read the stories about the artisans who created each piece!




GlobeIn Artisan Box

You’ll like it if:

You like to purchase earth-friendly and fair-trade products with a feel-good vibe and that give back to those in need.


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CauseBox is a branch of the award-winning philanthropic company, Sevenly. Every quarter you receive a seasonal selection of socially conscious products, from companies with hearts to change the world. The products inside CAUSEBOX help provide jobs, meals, education, clean water, and more to countless women, men, and children around the world.





You’ll like it if:

You love the idea of for purpose shopping. You can feel good about getting this box because the purchase of every box means you’ve helped someone in need.



Subscription boxes are often available for a monthly fee, with discounts available if you pre-pay for multiple months up front. Also, you can follow each brand on social media (or join their newsletters) for tips and deals throughout the year.




Whether you are a spiritual yogi, a healthy eater, a natural beauty junkie, a pet parent or a DIYer, there is a subscription box out there for you!




What’s your favorite subscription box or service? Share in the comments below!


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