2015 Recap – The 10 Most Popular Articles and Videos of the Year


2015 was a huge year for us at YogiApproved™. As the first full year in business we saw a lot of growth. We learned a bazillion things. We met some absolutely wonderful people. We published over 600 articles and videos. We drank entirely way too much coffee. We had some spontaneous yoga sessions to combat nervous breakdowns. We laughed. We cried. We got serious, and we had fun doing it all. It was a great year!


THANK YOU for your support – each and every one of you are the reason we are here, doing what we do. What do we do, exactly? YogiApproved.com was founded with the intention of spreading love and empowering people through wisdom, positivity and yoga. Every day, with every article that we publish, we humbly offer you another way to find a little more peace, balance, and happiness in your life. Yoga is our passion. Your health and wellness is our obsession!


From our family to yours, we send you love, gratitude, and well wishes for the new year.


Here are the top 10 most read articles on YogiApproved in 2015. Which one was your favorite?

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