Types of Yoga

1. Pranayama 
Known as the practice of controlling the breath, in this type of yoga the prana is known as source.  There are many types of yoga poses and breathing techniques used in Pranayama.
2. Vinyasa
Known as the arranging something in a special way. A yoga pose is an example of one of these arrangements. In addition, it used to describe a ​sequence. Chaturanga to upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog​ is an example of a Vinyasa sequence.3. Asana
Refers to the posture in which you sit in place. It is known as the seated position. It the practice of mastering your body and is used in most types of yoga.

4. Chair Yoga
This is the gentlest type of yoga. The difficult poses and complex movements are absent a chair yoga class.

5. Prenatal
Aside from being a workout, prenatal yoga can also help you bond with your unborn child. This form of yoga is a covers a range of benefits from stretching, metal clearing, focused breathing an invites and promotes a calm relaxed safe birth.

6. Ashtanga
This type was pioneered  by K. Pattabhi Jois and is also known as the modern-day type of classical Indian yoga.

7. Bikram
This is a form of Hatha yoga and is typically done is a hot humid room. Bikram Yoga classes start at 90 minutes and have the same sequence of 26 poses, with two breathing exercises.

8. Hatha
This form of yoga consists of the eight limbs with a focus on attaining samādhi. In addition, the six limbs of hatha are known as dhyana, pranayama, samādhi, dharana, asana and pratyahara.

9. Hot YogaThis is practice of yoga in hot and humid conditions. The heat has been known to encourage better stretching. Some forms of hot yoga are bikram, power, and tribalance yoga.

10. Iyengar
This form differs from the other styles of yoga by three key factors: sequence, technique and timing.

11. Restorative
Restorative yoga is simply that – restorative. This process of healing yoga uses many therapeutic yoga poses to restore and build muscle tissue.

12. Yin
A slow-paced style of yoga in which poses  and positions apply moderate stress to the connective tissues that promote better circulation and improved flexibility.

13. Kundalini
Known as the yoga of awareness, its goal is to use the creative spiritual power invites increased values with compassion needed to serve and heal others.

14. Viniyoga
The meaning is to include separation, detachment, and leaving.

15. Kripalu
Kripalu Yoga uses inner focus, meditation, breathwork, and standard yoga poses. The goal is the development of a quiet mind.

17. Jivamukti
Jivamukti yoga ismethod is a proprietary style of yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. What more can be said other than it’s proprietary.

18. Sivananda
The Sivananda style of yoga focuses on retaining the vitality of the body and to decrease the chance of disease. These yoga philosophies are achieved by proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and positive thinking.

19. Power
This is known gym yoga. Power yoga is a vigorous, fitness-based type of vinyasa yoga.